5 Cheapest Countries to Buy Citizenship or Residency in 2023

5 Cheapest Countries to Buy Citizenship

Are you a global investor seeking new opportunities and greater mobility? Look no further. Many countries now offer attractive opportunities for acquiring citizenship by investment, which is often the cheapest and most expedient route to obtaining a passport. Here’s a look at some countries where you can buy citizenship or gain residency through investment programs.

Thailand Golden Visa

Thailand’s “Elite Visa” membership program stands as a beacon for foreign investors yearning for a privileged entry experience. With a validity of up to 20 years, this visa ensures seamless access to the Kingdom’s mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant culture. The program offers eight options, ranging from the flexible “Elite Flexible One” to the prestigious “Elite Ultimate Privilege.” To embark on this extraordinary journey, a minimum application fee of $19,000 is required.

Panama Golden Visa

Situated in Central America, Panama is among the countries where you can buy citizenship or secure residency through cost-effective programs. Panama’s golden visa programs, such as the Panama Reforestation Visa Program and the Qualified Investor Program, are great examples of “cheapest residency by investment.”

Antigua and Barbuda Golden Passport

For those wondering about citizenship by investment cheapest options, Antigua and Barbuda offer an attractive program. With just a $100,000 donation to the country’s National Development Fund, investors can secure citizenship and access to the idyllic Caribbean lifestyle.

Dominica Golden Passport

Escape to the tranquil landscapes of Dominica, an independent island republic in the Caribbean Sea. This paradise offers two avenues for eligible investors to obtain citizenship. The first option involves a $100,000 donation to the island’s Economic Development Fund, supporting the nation’s growth and development. The second path is to invest in approved real estate projects worth a minimum of $200,000. By embracing either route, investors can experience the allure of Dominica’s pristine beauty.

Portugal Golden Visa

For affluent individuals seeking European residency, Portugal’s golden visa program stands as an exceptional choice. With various investment options, this program has garnered immense popularity among wealthy Americans. Investors can select from eight distinct possibilities, including a capital transfer of €1 million into a Portuguese bank account, creating ten job positions, or purchasing real estate valued at least €500,000. Other options involve contributions to scientific research activities, artistic initiatives, or investment funds. A minimum donation of €250,000 toward an approved business headquartered in Portugal, along with the creation of five permanent working jobs, is also a viable avenue.


In a world filled with investment opportunities, Thailand, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and Portugal stand out as countries offering the cheapest citizenship by investment and the cheapest residency by investment programs. From Thailand’s captivating landscapes to the Caribbean’s charm and the elegance of Europe, these countries beckon global investors seeking greater mobility. Seize these opportunities and broaden your horizons.