66 Vehicles Stolen and Snatched in Islamabad: Is Your Car at Risk?

66 Vehicles Stolen and Snatched in Islamabad: Is Your Car at Risk?

Is Your Car a Target? 66 Vehicles Stolen in Islamabad – Take Action Now!

The federal capital has been experiencing a concerning increase in the incidents of auto theft and mobile snatching. Over the course of the last week, carjackers stole a total of 66 vehicles, while armed gangs snatched more than 27 mobile phones in various parts of the city. These alarming numbers have raised concerns among residents and authorities alike.

Auto Theft Cases

During the past week, the criminal activity of auto thieves remained prevalent, with a total of 56 motorbikes and 10 cars being stolen or snatched. The stolen or snatched motorbikes bore various registration numbers, including RNL-4690 belonging to Asif, BDN-892 belonging to Zarak Dawood, and AUQ-901 belonging to Atif Masih, among others. The stolen motorbikes were identified through their respective registration numbers:

  • RNL-4690 (Asif)
  • BDN-892 (Zarak Dawood)
  • AUQ-901 (Atif Masih)

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Mobile Snatching Cases

In addition to the auto theft cases, armed gangs targeted unsuspecting individuals and snatched over 27 mobile phones throughout the city. These incidents of mobile snatching caused distress and financial loss to the victims. The mobile phone snatching incidents underline the need for increased security measures to protect citizens and their belongings.

Robbery and Cash Snatching

Apart from auto theft and mobile snatching, several cases of robbery and cash snatching were reported to various police stations in the city. More than 10 incidents involved individuals being robbed at gunpoint, with cash being forcibly taken. These incidents reflect the audacity and brazenness of the criminals operating in the area.

Active Gangs and Affected Areas

The rise in criminal activities can be attributed to the active presence of organized auto thief gangs. These criminal groups operate in various areas, with a particular focus on the Industrial Area, Aabpara, Khanna, Karachi Company, and Kohsar. These localities have witnessed a surge in auto theft, mobile snatching, and other criminal activities, demanding immediate attention from law enforcement agencies.

Additional Incidents

Apart from the mentioned incidents, there were numerous other cases of stolen motorbikes, cars, and mobile phones. The stolen motorbikes included ALH-8854 (Muhammad Umer), MHK-8858 (Abdul Wahid), Bjn-350 (Ahmed Raza), and many more. The stolen cars carried registration numbers such as L-21016 (Abdul Moez Qureshi), B-1157 (Adil), and VB-949 (Asim Tariq), among others.

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Focus on Industrial Area, Aabpara, Khanna, Karachi Company, and Kohsar

Among the areas affected by the recent surge in crime, the Industrial Area, Aabpara, Khanna, Karachi Company, and Kohsar have experienced the highest number of incidents. Criminal gangs have targeted vehicles and mobile phones within these regions, resulting in heightened concerns for the safety of residents. Law enforcement agencies must prioritize patrolling and surveillance in these areas to deter criminal activities effectively.

Summary of Last Week’s Crimes

In summary, the federal capital has witnessed a distressing increase in auto theft, mobile snatching, and other criminal activities over the past week. With 66 vehicles stolen and 27 mobile phones snatched, the safety and security of residents are at stake. The Industrial Area, Aabpara, Khanna, Karachi Company, and Kohsar have been identified as the areas most affected by these crimes. It is imperative for authorities to take immediate action and implement measures to curb this rising trend of criminal incidents.


The rising cases of auto theft and mobile snatching in the federal capital demand urgent attention from law enforcement agencies. The incidents of stolen vehicles, snatched mobile phones, and other criminal activities have significantly impacted the security and peace of mind of the residents. The local authorities should work together to enhance security measures, increase police presence, and improve surveillance in the affected areas to combat these crimes effectively. For More Details Visit brecorder