Asia Cup winner expected to be decided on May 28

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Final of Asia Cup

The fate of the Asia Cup 2023 hangs in the balance as the Asian Cricket Boards gather to discuss and finalize crucial decisions. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has invited the heads of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), and Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to join discussions during the IPL final. This article delves into the proposed hybrid model, concerns over the venue selection, and the potential impact on the upcoming World Cup.

The Hybrid Model Proposal:

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), designated hosts of the Asia Cup, has presented a hybrid model to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). The proposed model would have matches divided between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with India playing their games in the Emirates. Initially, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) resisted this model, leading to negotiations and a diluted proposal by the PCB. Clarity on the final model is expected during the meetings in Ahmedabad.

Second Venue Dilemma:

One point of contention revolves around selecting the second venue – UAE or Sri Lanka. A UAE board official had expressed the preference for playing in the Emirates, aligning with the BCCI’s choice for the IPL and other tournaments during the pandemic. However, there were concerns raised by the Sri Lanka and Bangladesh boards regarding the extreme September heat in the UAE. Unfriendly weather conditions in the UAE will be debated during the Ahmedabad meeting, as the PCB favors holding the matches in the Emirates.

Asian Boards’ Meeting During IPL Final:

The IPL final serves as the backdrop for important discussions among the Asian cricket boards. The BCCI has extended invitations to the heads of SLC, BCB, and ACB, suggesting that an announcement regarding the Asia Cup may be made after this meeting. The presidents of the respective cricket boards will convene to outline the future course of action for the Asia Cup 2023.

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Positive Implications for the World Cup:

A consensus over the Asia Cup could have positive implications for the upcoming World Cup, scheduled to take place in India in October-November. The PCB had linked Pakistan’s participation in the World Cup to the conduct of the Asia Cup. A favorable outcome during the discussions in Ahmedabad could potentially prevent a standoff leading up to the mega event.

Finalizing the Asia Cup:

The BCCI’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the tournament had initially put the Asia Cup in jeopardy. However, the PCB’s multiple hybrid models and ongoing negotiations with the ACC have offered hope for the tournament’s realization. The Asian boards, including the BCCI, will work towards reaching a conclusive decision during their meeting on May 28, possibly ending the uncertainty surrounding the Asia Cup 2023.


The Asia Cup 2023 hangs in the balance as the BCCI and the PCB, along with other Asian cricket boards, engage in discussions to finalize the tournament’s format and venues. The hybrid model proposed by the PCB, with matches split between Pakistan and the UAE, has gained traction but faces contention over the second venue. The upcoming IPL final serves as a crucial platform for these discussions, which could have a ripple effect on the forthcoming World Cup. As the Asian boards convene, cricket fans eagerly await a resolution that will bring clarity and excitement to the Asia Cup.

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