BFL Offering Job Opportunities in UAE & Saudi Arabia with Salary up to 6,000 Dirhams

BFL Offering Job Opportunities

BFL Offering Job Opportunities in UAE

Are you looking for exciting career opportunities in the logistics industry? BFL, a leading multinational company specializing in logistics and freight forwarding, has recently announced a range of enticing job openings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. With competitive salaries reaching up to 6,000 Dirhams, these positions offer a promising pathway to a rewarding career. Whether you have experience in logistics or are just starting out, BFL provides a platform for growth and professional development. In this article, we will explore the job opportunities offered by BFL and provide you with the necessary information to pursue these exciting prospects.

Logistics Job Openings at BFL

BFL is currently seeking qualified individuals for various positions in the logistics industry. The available job titles include:

Social Media Executive – Dubai

As a Social Media Executive at BFL, you will be responsible for managing the company’s social media presence and implementing effective strategies to enhance brand visibility. This role requires strong communication skills and a deep understanding of social media platforms.

Merchandise Executive – Dubai

The role of a Merchandise Executive involves overseeing the sourcing, procurement, and distribution of merchandise. You will work closely with suppliers, manage inventory levels, and ensure timely delivery of products.

Buying Assistant – Dubai

As a Buying Assistant, you will provide support to the buying team in sourcing and purchasing goods. Your responsibilities will include conducting market research, analyzing trends, and assisting with negotiations.

Technical Delivery Manager – Dubai

The Technical Delivery Manager is responsible for overseeing the successful execution of technical projects. You will coordinate with cross-functional teams, manage project timelines, and ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions.

Last Mile Executive – Dubai

As a Last Mile Executive, you will be involved in the final stage of the delivery process, ensuring that products reach customers’ doorsteps in a timely and efficient manner. This role requires excellent coordination and problem-solving skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Job Applicants

Before applying for a position at BFL, it is important to review the eligibility criteria. To be considered for these job opportunities, candidates are required to meet the following requirements:

Education and Experience

Applicants should possess relevant educational qualifications and work experience in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field. The specific requirements may vary depending on the position.

Skills and Competencies

Candidates must demonstrate excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Proficiency in English is typically required, while knowledge of Arabic or other languages may be advantageous.

Work Authorization

Candidates must possess the legal right to work in the UAE or Saudi Arabia. Local candidates are preferred, but individuals with valid work permits and residency visas may also apply.

Required Documents for Job Application

When applying for job opportunities at BFL, candidates should prepare the following documents:

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Updated Resume/CV

A comprehensive document outlining educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and contact information.

Cover Letter

A personalized letter expressing interest in the position, highlighting relevant qualifications, and explaining why the candidate is suitable for the role.

Educational Certificates

Copies of degree/diploma certificates and transcripts.

Professional Certifications

Any industry-specific certifications or training that are applicable to the desired position.

Identification Documents

Valid passport, residency visa (if applicable), and any other necessary identification documents.


Contact information for references who can provide insights into the candidate’s professional abilities.

How to Apply for Job Opportunities at BFL

To apply for the job opportunities at BFL in the UAE or Saudi Arabia, follow these simple steps:

Visit BFL’s Official Website

Start by visiting BFL’s official website or navigate to their careers page.

Browse Available Positions

Browse through the available positions and select the one that aligns with your qualifications and interests.

Access Detailed Job Description

Click on the job listing to access the detailed job description, requirements, and application instructions.

Prepare Required Documents

Compile all the required documents mentioned earlier.

Fill out the Online Application Form

Fill out the online application form, ensuring that all information provided is accurate and up to date.

Upload Documents

Upload the required documents in the specified format.

Review and Submit Application

Review the application thoroughly to verify the correctness and completeness of the information. Once you are satisfied, submit the application online.


BFL’s job opportunities in the logistics industry present an exciting prospect for individuals looking to build a successful career in the UAE or Saudi Arabia. With competitive salaries and a renowned multinational company, BFL provides a platform for professional growth and development. Take the first step towards securing an excellent career by applying for one of the available positions at BFL today!