Dubai’s Property Market Sees Highest Growth in 9 Years

Property Market

Dubai’s Property Market Sees Highest Growth

Dubai’s property market has experienced a significant surge in growth, achieving its highest figures in the past nine years. In June 2023, the residential property market in Dubai surpassed last year’s numbers by an impressive 18.8 percent, with a total of 9,876 deals recorded during this period. This growth is particularly notable in the off-plan sector, which saw a staggering increase of 44.9 percent. However, the secondary market experienced a minor decline of 0.5 percent.

Record-Breaking Residential Transactions

The first two quarters of this year have witnessed a remarkable total of 57,737 residential transactions, which is the highest number ever recorded in Dubai. This surge in activity has contributed to the strengthening of price growth in the city’s residential market. Taimur Khan, the Head of Research – MENA at CBRE, highlighted this positive trend and stated that average prices across Dubai have increased by 16.9 percent from January to June 2023.

Rising Prices in Apartments and Villas

The price growth is particularly prominent in apartments and villas, with average prices rising by 17.2 percent and 15.1 percent, respectively, during the same period. This significant growth can be attributed to the elevated demand and substantial price appreciation observed in prime and key residential areas. Nearly all of the communities monitored by CBRE have experienced price growth in apartments (97.1 percent) and villas (96.8 percent) compared to the previous year.

Upward Trend in Average Prices

The upward trend in average prices has been noticeable since late 2014. In the year leading up to June 2023, average prices increased by 16.9 percent, surpassing the growth observed a month earlier, which stood at 15.9 percent. Average apartment prices surged by 17.2 percent, while average villa prices rose by 15.1 percent during this period.

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Surpassing Previous Peak Levels

Although average apartment prices in Dubai remained below the levels observed in 2014, with an average of AED 1,294 per square foot, several communities have already surpassed their previous peak levels. On the other hand, average villa prices reached AED 1,525 per square foot, exceeding their 2014 figures by 5.5 percent.

Prime Areas for Sales

Downtown Dubai has emerged as the most desirable area for apartment sales, with prices reaching AED 2,440 per square foot. Palm Jumeirah, known for its luxurious properties, claims the top spot for villa sales, with prices reaching AED 4,845 per square foot.

Significant Increase in Rental Market

The rental market in Dubai has also experienced substantial growth, with average rents increasing by 22.8 percent in the year leading up to June 2023. Although slightly lower than the previous month’s surge of 24.2 percent, this increase reflects the high demand for rental properties in the city. Average apartment rents grew by 22.7 percent, while villa rents rose by 23.1 percent during the same period. Presently, apartments have an average annual rent of AED 104,685, while villas command an average annual rent of AED 14,552.

Prime Locations for Rentals

Palm Jumeirah stands out as the location with the highest average annual apartment rent, reaching AED 58,335. On the other hand, Al Barari leads the villa segment, with an average annual rent of AED 1,042,931.

Future Outlook and Rental Market Trends

Looking ahead, industry experts anticipate a softening rental market trend. Rental growth rates in major areas are expected to stabilize, which may lead to reduced asking rents for many listings within these communities. This could provide an opportunity for renters to find more affordable options in the market.

In conclusion, Dubai’s property market has experienced remarkable growth in 2023, surpassing previous records. The residential sector has seen a surge in transactions, with off-plan deals leading the way. Average prices have witnessed significant increases in apartments and villas, especially in prime areas. The rental market has also experienced a substantial rise in rents, although a stabilization trend is expected in the near future. These developments indicate a positive trajectory for Dubai’s property market, attracting both investors and residents.