ECC approves first ever telecom infrastructure sharing framework

ECC approves first ever telecom infrastructure sharing framework

The Economic Coordination Committee ECC Approves Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework

In a significant development for Pakistan’s telecommunications industry, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has discussed and approved the first-ever Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework. This groundbreaking decision, presided over by Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, marks a milestone in the country’s efforts to enhance its telecom infrastructure and services.

The Ministry’s Proposal

The Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication submitted a comprehensive summary for the approval of the “Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework.” This proposal aims to establish a structured framework for sharing telecom infrastructure among different service providers in the country. Such a framework has the potential to revolutionize the telecom sector by promoting collaboration and efficient resource utilization.

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IMT Spectrum for Next Generation Mobile Broadband

Apart from the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework, the ECC has also given its approval for the release of IMT spectrum to improve Next Generation mobile broadband services in Pakistan. This move is expected to pave the way for faster and more reliable mobile internet services, benefiting consumers and businesses alike.

Furthermore, the ECC has approved the constitution of an advisory committee responsible for overseeing the release of unsold IMT Spectrum, along with defining its terms of reference. This step demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring transparent and effective spectrum management.

Monitoring Key Economic Indicators

During the meeting, the ECC discussed and reviewed the performance and trends of key economic indicators, including the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for various essential items. This analysis, presented by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, provides crucial insights into the country’s economic health.

Core Group for Essential Commodities

In a bid to address rising prices of essential commodities and maintain strategic product stocks, the ECC has decided to form a Core Group. This group will comprise key officials from the Ministry of Planning, Commerce, Food Security, and Industry. Their mandate is to propose concrete measures for monitoring and advising the ECC on pricing and stock management of essential goods.

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Change of Name for Tuwairqi Steel Mills LTD

The ECC also considered a proposal from the Ministry of Industries & Production regarding the change of name from M/S Tuwairqi Steel Mills LTD (TSML) to National Steel Complex LTD (NSCL). While the ECC has given in-principle approval to the proposal, further review and endorsement by the Law division are required.

Ensuring Gas Supply for Fertilizer Plants

Addressing the critical issue of gas supply for fertilizer plants, the ECC directed the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) to continue supplying gas to all fertilizer plants. This decision is essential to ensure an adequate supply of fertilizers in the market, supporting Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Additionally, the ECC has decided to constitute an inter-ministerial committee, which will include representatives from the Ministries of Finance, Planning, Commerce, Food Security, Industries, Power, and Energy. This committee’s role will be to present recommendations on the allocation and pricing of gas for the fertilizer industry, further highlighting the government’s focus on this vital sector.

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The ECC’s recent decisions reflect a commitment to promoting transparency, collaboration, and economic stability in Pakistan. The approval of the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework and the release of IMT spectrum for Next Generation mobile broadband services are significant steps towards enhancing the country’s digital infrastructure. Furthermore, the ECC’s attention to economic indicators and its efforts to address essential commodity prices and gas supply for fertilizer plants underline the government’s dedication to fostering a robust and resilient economy.

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