Electric Bikes or Gasoline Motorcycles: Which One Should You Buy?

Electric Bikes or Gasoline Motorcycles: Which One Should You Buy?

Electric Bikes vs Gas Motorcycles: Which is Winning the Race?

In recent years, Electric Motorcycles have charged into the market with full throttle, gradually claiming more real estate each year. With improvements in charging speed, range, and style diversity, they’ve certainly turned heads. But how do they stack up against the ever-reliable, gas-guzzling counterparts? Let’s delve into the merits of each.

Electric Bikes vs Gas Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles: A Rising Trend

Eco-friendly Aspect

One of the foremost reasons why an electric motorcycle may outshine a gas-powered one is its zero-emission factor. The concern for reducing greenhouse gases is a compelling factor for many when deciding on a purchase, and with electric bikes, these emissions are significantly reduced. According to the Argonne National Laboratory, despite higher emissions during manufacturing and end-of-life, overall emissions from EVs remain considerably lower than their gas-powered equivalents.


Costs linked to charging and maintenance are also typically lower with electric vehicles. The average cost of electricity, around $0.15 per kWh for residential consumers as of January 2023, beats gasoline prices, especially in peak times. Charging stations are increasingly ubiquitous, with more than 130,000 available in the United States as of March 2023, and the numbers are only projected to grow.

The Versatility of Designs

Additionally, many electric motorcycles offer added features, such as storage in place of a fuel tank, low centers of gravity for better handling, and instant torque. The range of options is expanding too, from adventure bikes and off-road bikes to cruisers, scooters, minibikes, and standard street bikes.

Electric Motorcycle Engines: How Do They Work?

Electric motorcycle engines are powered by electricity, rather than gasoline. They consist of a motor, a battery, and a controller. The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which powers the wheels of the motorcycle. The battery stores the electrical energy, and the controller regulates the flow of electricity to the motor.

Electric motorcycle engines offer several advantages over gasoline engines, including:

  • Zero emissions: Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Lower operating costs: Electric motorcycles are cheaper to operate than gasoline motorcycles, as they do not require fuel.
  • Quieter operation: Electric motorcycles are much quieter than gasoline motorcycles, making them a more pleasant riding experience.
  • Instant torque: Electric motors produce maximum torque from a standstill, which gives electric motorcycles excellent acceleration.

Are Electric Motorcycles Faster Than Gas

When we talk about power and speed, electric motorcycles are usually better than gas motorcycles. Why? Well, gas engines need to be working really hard (at high speeds) to give their best power, but electric motors can give the same power even when they’re not working as hard. This means electric motorcycles can often be quicker and stronger.

Top 10 Best Electric Motorcycles

Here Are The Top 10 Best Electric Bikes

1Energica ExperiaOverall best
2Cake Kalk INKBest Value
3BMW CE 04Best premium
4Zero FXBest sports bike
5Onyx RCRBest street bike
6Vespa ElettricaBest electric scooter
7Lightning LS-218Fastest motorbike
8Arc VectorMost Stylish
9Pursang E-TrackerBest for offroad
10Cake Osa FlexBest for varied terrain
Best Electric Motorcycles

Gas-Powered Motorcycles: Tried and True

Unbeatable Range

Despite the strides made by electric motorcycles, gas-powered bikes still boast the longest operating time between refills. With far more gas stations available and shorter refilling times, these bikes remain the more convenient option for long journeys.

Maintenance Flexibility

Gas-powered bikes require regular maintenance, but most riders are able to handle the essentials themselves. Moreover, with more workshops available nationwide for larger tasks, these bikes offer more flexibility in terms of maintenance.

Authentic Motorcycle Experience

Nothing beats the classic growl of a gas-powered engine for many motorcyclists. They also offer more variety in terms of design and are generally available at lower price points. These bikes come with quirks and unique characteristics that make each ride a different experience, and for many, this personality is what makes being a motorcyclist so appealing.

Gas-Powered Motorcycles Engine

Gas-powered motorcycle engines are typically more powerful than electric motorcycle engines. They also have a longer range, as they can travel further on a single tank of fuel. However, gas-powered motorcycle engines are also more polluting and more expensive to operate.

Comparative Analysis

In terms of running time, gas-powered motorcycles still have the upper hand, though electric bikes are gradually closing the gap. When considering costs, electric bikes come out on top due to lower running and maintenance expenses. As for availability and convenience, while charging stations are becoming more common, gas stations still offer wider accessibility and faster refueling. And lastly, the rider experience often swings in favor of gas-powered bikes due to their unique sounds and personalities.

A Current Perspective

As of now, while we acknowledge the importance of eco-friendliness and the limited nature of fossil fuels, the gas-powered bike remains king. The tangible and intangible qualities of a gas engine have yet to be beaten. The fast and convenient refueling, the wide network of mechanics, lower entry costs, and superior aesthetics all point towards gas-powered bikes having the edge.


The world of electric motorcycles has made impressive strides, and the landscape of the industry is undoubtedly changing. However, until the day these bikes can genuinely rival the range, convenience, and experience offered by their gas-powered counterparts, they remain the second choice for many.