Growing concern: Electricity prices become unaffordable for ordinary people, according to survey.



The affordability of electricity has become a mounting concern as the prices continue to rise. A recent survey has shed light on the increasing burden faced by the common man in meeting their electricity needs. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the survey findings and the implications of rising electricity prices on consumers.

Survey Findings:

According to a nationwide survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies in Islamabad, a significant number of households and shop owners have experienced notable increases in their electricity bills in recent months. These price hikes have prompted consumers to make efforts to reduce their electricity consumption. However, it is concerning that despite these efforts, many participants reported no significant decrease in their bills.

Challenges for Consumers:

The survey findings indicate that the rising electricity prices are placing an immense burden on consumers, making it difficult for them to afford their electricity needs. This has a direct impact on their daily lives, affecting their overall financial stability and quality of life. As electricity prices rise, consumers are left with limited options and are often forced to make sacrifices in other essential areas of their budgets.

Challenges for Distribution Companies (DISCOs):

The survey also sheds light on the challenges faced by distribution companies (DISCOs) due to rising electricity prices. As consumers struggle to afford their electricity bills, DISCOs experience a decline in revenue. This poses significant obstacles for DISCOs in meeting their financial obligations, such as purchasing power from generation companies, maintaining distribution networks, and servicing debts. Moreover, the financial strain hampers DISCOs’ ability to invest in infrastructure upgrades and provide reliable and quality services to consumers.

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Addressing Affordability Concerns:

To address the growing challenge of affordability in the face of rising electricity prices, various measures can be considered. Firstly, there is a need for improved governance and regulatory measures in the energy sector to ensure fair pricing and protect consumers’ interests. Additionally, offering affordable electricity tariffs and alternative payment options based on consumers’ economic circumstances can help alleviate the financial burden on the common man. It is also crucial to raise awareness among consumers about peak hours when electricity costs are higher, enabling them to make informed decisions and manage their energy usage effectively.

Striking a Balance:

Balancing the need for sustainable energy practices with the affordability of electricity for consumers is a key consideration. Policymakers and energy sector stakeholders must collaborate to devise strategies that strike this delicate balance. This can involve implementing targeted subsidies for low-income households, promoting energy-efficient practices, and exploring renewable energy sources to reduce overall electricity costs.


The survey findings clearly indicate the growing challenge of affordability faced by consumers due to rising electricity prices. It is essential for policymakers, regulatory bodies, and energy sector stakeholders to prioritize the concerns of the common man and work towards solutions that ensure affordable and sustainable electricity. By implementing effective governance, regulatory measures, and consumer-centric initiatives, we can strive towards a future where electricity is accessible and affordable for all, thus improving the quality of life for the masses.

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