How Much Money You Can Earn by Driving a Taxi in Dubai?

How Much Money You Can Earn by Driving a Taxi in Dubai?

Becoming a taxi driver in Dubai can provide a stable income, attracting both locals and foreigners to this career. In this article, we will explore the earnings potential, requirements, and tips to maximize income as a Dubai taxi driver.

Earnings of Dubai Taxi Drivers

On average, full-time taxi drivers in Dubai can earn between AED 3,200 and AED 7,350 per month, equivalent to approximately AED 30 per hour if working 8 hours a day for 30 days without breaks. These earnings serve as a benchmark for setting financial goals and ensuring a decent livelihood.

Requirements and Eligibility

To become a taxi driver in Dubai, you must be physically fit, have clear vision, quick reflexes, some education, and a valid UAE driving license for a Light Transport Vehicle (LTV). Additionally, obtaining a Dubai Taxi Driver Permit, which requires an application fee of around AED 200, is mandatory.

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Salary for Foreign Taxi Drivers

Foreigners with a Dubai driving license can work as taxi drivers in Dubai individually, for a company, or for the Dubai government, earning between AED 3,000 and AED 5,000 per month. This provides an opportunity for individuals from various backgrounds to earn a decent income in the city.

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Tips to Maximize Income as a Dubai Taxi Driver

To increase your earnings as a taxi driver in Dubai, consider the following tips:

  1. Enhance your driving skills by learning efficient routes, saving time and fuel while serving more customers. Providing excellent customer service leads to higher satisfaction, better ratings, and potential tips.
  2. Identify peak hours and high-demand areas to maximize your earnings. Focus on rush hours, weekends, and special events when demand for taxi services is high.
  3. Regularly clean and service your taxi to attract customers and minimize breakdowns or costly repairs. A well-maintained vehicle creates a positive impression and encourages repeat business.
  4. Leverage navigation apps and ride-hailing platforms to optimize your routes and find passengers more easily. Efficiently utilizing technology saves time and increases the number of rides, boosting overall income.
  5. Establish partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions to receive customer referrals. Building rapport with these establishments ensures a steady stream of passengers and sets you apart from other drivers.
  6. As Dubai is multicultural, learning multiple languages enhances communication with tourists and expatriates. Multilingual skills improve customer service, increase chances of receiving tips, and attract a diverse clientele.
Monthly Target (AED)Commission Rate
Up to 5,00020%
5,001 – 7,00025%
7,001 – 9,00030%
9,001 and above35%
Dubai Driver Commission Chart


Becoming a taxi driver in Dubai offers a stable income and a rewarding career. By meeting the eligibility requirements, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, and implementing strategies to maximize earnings, you can earn a decent livelihood as a taxi driver. Continuously improving driving skills, providing excellent customer service, and leveraging technology and networks will contribute to a successful career in Dubai’s transportation sector.

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