How to buy iPhone 15 in installments in UAE?

How to buy iPhone 15 in installments in UAE?

Buy iPhone 15 in installments in UAE?

In the dynamic landscape of technology, few events create as much anticipation and excitement as the release of a new iPhone. The UAE is no exception, and the upcoming iPhone 15 has generated a palpable buzz. Anticipated features like USB-C charging and the swift A17 chipset have captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts.

The Arrival and Ordering Details

Starting September 15 at 4 pm, eager customers in the UAE can place their orders for the iPhone 15 series. The wait isn’t long, as they can pick up their coveted devices from September 22. The entry-level iPhone 15 begins at Dh3,399, setting the stage for a surge of interest.

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Positive Reception from Retailers

Retail giants like Jumbo Electronics are optimistic about the iPhone 15’s potential. CEO Vikas Chadha is particularly enthusiastic about the new colors, finishes, and upgrades. These, he believes, will entice those inclined to experiment with new technologies and those contemplating a switch to iOS 17. Stores are proactively engaging with customers, sharing pre-order dates, trade-in offers for old phones, future buy-back plans, and enticing bank deals.

Attractive Trade-In Options

An attractive proposition for customers is the opportunity to trade in their old phones for a discount on the new iPhone 15. Retailers such as Jumbo Electronics are facilitating this, making the upgrade more cost-effective. Additionally, stores like Eros Group plan to introduce convenient payment options, including monthly installments or deferred payments, simplifying the acquisition of the iPhone 15.

Anticipating the Preferences

UAE customers have a penchant for high-end products endowed with superior features. Vikas Chadha anticipates a surge in demand for the Pro models, especially the Pro Max, owing to their significant improvements. Rajat Asthana, the Chief Operating Officer of Eros Group, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the attractive features and pricing of the iPhone Pro and Pro Max.

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Impact on Older iPhone Models

As the iPhone 15 steps into the spotlight, the ripple effect is felt on older iPhone models. Foreseeing a shift in prices, Jumbo’s CEO predicts a potential reduction of 7 to 12 percent in the prices of older iPhone models. Rajat Asthana estimates a slightly higher reduction, around 10 to 15 percent. However, it may take some time before this dip in prices becomes substantial for the older models.

In a market fueled by technological fervor, the iPhone 15’s imminent arrival promises a wave of innovation and upgrades. Its impact not only resonates with the present, but it also has a ripple effect on the devices of yesteryears. The UAE, known for embracing cutting-edge tech, eagerly awaits the arrival of this latest offering from Apple. For more updates and exclusive offers, stay tuned.

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