iPhone 15 Pro Max Has a Serious Display Issue

iPhone 15 Pro Max Has a Serious Display Issue

iPhone 15 Pro Max ‘Burn-In’ Issue: What You Need to Know

In the world of cutting-edge technology, the release of a new iPhone is always a major event. Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate each new iteration, expecting groundbreaking features and impeccable performance. However, the launch of the iPhone 15 hasn’t been without its fair share of hitches. One of the most pressing issues that has emerged pertains to image retention or ‘burn-in.’ This phenomenon leads to ghostly images persisting on the screen, and it has caused concern among users.

Understanding Image Retention or ‘Burn-In’

Before we delve into the specifics of the issue with the iPhone 15, let’s understand what image retention or ‘burn-in’ actually is. This problem has historically been associated with OLED panels. ‘Burn-in’ occurs when screen contents remain static for prolonged periods, essentially leaving a permanent imprint on the screen. In the past, this issue has been a concern for users, as it can degrade the overall viewing experience.

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However, modern OLED screens and devices have made significant strides in mitigating the risk of image retention or ‘burn-in.’ This progress has significantly reduced the prominence of the problem in recent years. Users have come to expect high-quality displays that are resistant to these issues.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and ‘Burn-In’ Reports

With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it seems that image retention or ‘burn-in’ issues have resurfaced. While this problem is not widespread, some users have reported encountering it with their latest Apple phone. These reports have also gained traction in tech communities and forums.

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Reports of image retention problems have surfaced on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Apple’s official community discussion forums. Presently, it appears that the issue primarily afflicts the iPhone 15 Pro Max, though the exact extent of its prevalence remains somewhat uncertain.

What ‘Burn-In’ Looks Like

To understand the severity of this issue, it’s crucial to look at what ‘burn-in’ actually looks like. Images shared online suggest that the ‘burn-in’ problem can potentially occur with any type of screen. For instance, there have been instances of ghostly keyboards and persisting home screen icons observed on the displays.

This phenomenon is certainly unsettling for users who expect the best from their high-end devices. It can disrupt the overall user experience, and it’s a problem that Apple needs to address swiftly.

Apple’s Response and Potential Solutions

The good news is that Apple is aware of the issue and is taking steps to rectify it. They are replacing all affected iPhones, so the best course of action for users who have experienced ‘burn-in’ is to return their devices and get a replacement. However, this solution may not be feasible for all users, particularly those in regions where iPhone 15 Pro Max availability is limited, such as Pakistan.

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However, it’s worth noting that Apple has not yet made a public acknowledgment of this issue. This could be because the problem is only affecting a small number of units around the world, which is typically the case with such technical glitches.


In conclusion, the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, while highly anticipated, has been marred by the reemergence of image retention or ‘burn-in’ issues. While not widespread, this problem has caused concern among some users. Apple is taking steps to replace affected devices, but the extent of this issue’s prevalence remains uncertain. The tech giant’s response will be closely watched by its dedicated customer base.

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