Leicester, Leeds relegated from the Premier League as Everton survive

Leicester, Leeds relegated from the Premier League as Everton survive

The Premier League season reached its dramatic conclusion with the relegation of Leicester City and Leeds United, while Everton managed to secure their survival by a narrow margin. The final day of the season witnessed intense battles and surprising outcomes, as teams fought desperately to avoid the dreaded drop. In this article, we delve into the thrilling events that unfolded, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of the teams involved.

Leicester City’s Disappointing Demise

Leicester City, the 2016 Premier League champions, experienced a heart-wrenching end to their campaign. Despite their 2-1 victory over West Ham United, the Foxes were condemned to relegation. Following a season marred by inconsistency and underperformance, Leicester’s fate was sealed due to Everton’s win over Bournemouth. Manager Dean Smith expressed his disappointment at falling short of his objective and acknowledged the need for a thorough review of the club’s performance.

Everton’s Houdini Act

Everton, on the other hand, were able to prolong their 69-year stay in the English top flight with a crucial 1-0 win against Bournemouth. Abdoulaye Doucoure emerged as the hero for Everton, unleashing a thunderous strike from the edge of the box. The goal sparked jubilant celebrations at Goodison Park, securing Everton’s survival. Manager Sean Dyche praised his team’s determination and emphasized the importance of achieving their primary objective, despite missing out on European qualification.

Leeds United’s Bitter Relegation

Leeds United’s return to the Premier League after a three-season absence proved to be short-lived as they succumbed to a 4-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur. The team endured a turbulent season, which saw the departure of two managers before the appointment of Sam Allardyce. Leeds finished five points from safety, with their relegation confirmed on the final day. Allardyce shouldered the responsibility for the team’s shortcomings but lauded the effort displayed by the players.

Everton’s Great Escape at Goodison Par

The tension at Goodison Park was palpable as Everton battled to secure their survival. The club, known for never having been relegated from the Premier League, faced a resolute Bournemouth side that had already secured their top-flight status. Mark Travers, the late replacement goalkeeper for Bournemouth, produced several stunning saves to deny Everton’s advances. However, Doucoure’s strike finally broke the deadlock, unleashing relief and jubilation among the Everton faithful. Jordan Pickford’s fine save during added time ensured Everton’s victory and survival.

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The Rollercoaster Ride for Leicester

Leicester City’s journey throughout the season was marked by highs and lows. Following their remarkable title triumph in 2016, the club experienced mixed fortunes, including a fifth-place finish and an FA Cup victory in 2021. However, a disappointing transfer window and a poor start to the season placed them in a precarious position. Brendan Rodgers’ departure and the subsequent appointment of Dean Smith injected temporary hope, but ultimately, Leicester’s inability to secure enough points led to their relegation.

The Aftermath and Reflection

As the dust settles on the dramatic final day, the relegated teams will face the challenges of regrouping and planning for the future. For Leicester City and Leeds United, a season in the Championship awaits, where they will strive to regain their Premier League status. Meanwhile, Everton can breathe a sigh of relief, having narrowly escaped the clutches of relegation. The club must now reflect on their shortcomings and make necessary adjustments to ensure a stronger showing in the upcoming season.


The Premier League’s final day provided a captivating climax to the season, with Everton’s narrow escape from relegation contrasting sharply with the heartbreak experienced by Leicester City and Leeds United. Everton’s last-minute heroics ensured their survival, extending their unbroken spell in the top flight, while Leicester and Leeds face the challenge of rebuilding in the Championship. The events of this season will leave a lasting impact on these clubs and their supporters, serving as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of Premier League football.

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