Mohammad Hafeez Appointed Pakistan’s New Chief Selector

New Chief Selector

Pakistan’s New Chief Selector

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee has made a significant decision by appointing former cricketer, Mohammad Hafeez, as the Chief Selector of the national team. This move comes as the PCB looks to bring in fresh leadership and expertise to enhance the team’s performance and strengthen the talent selection process.

An Opportunity for Mohammad Hafeez

After an illustrious cricketing career, Mohammad Hafeez has been handed the responsibility of being the Chief Selector. The management committee sees his experience, cricketing knowledge, and leadership skills as assets that can positively impact the selection and development of players for the national team.

The Timing of the Appointment

According to media reports, Mohammad Hafeez is likely to assume the role of Chief Selector after the ongoing two-match Test series against Sri Lanka. This decision allows the former captain to focus on his current role as a player and fulfill his commitments during the series.

The Offer and Discussion

Earlier this month, Zaka Ashraf, the newly appointed Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, approached Mohammad Hafeez with the offer to become the chief selector for the national team. The two engaged in an important meeting to discuss the responsibilities and potential improvements that Hafeez could bring to the selection process.

Considering the Offer

While the offer was appealing to Hafeez, he did not immediately accept it. Given his existing commitments and responsibilities, he requested some time to consider the role of Chief Selector thoroughly. This decision showcases Hafeez’s dedication to making informed choices that align with his values and commitments.

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Other Rumored Offers

In addition to Mohammad Hafeez, several other former cricketers were rumored to be offered various positions within the PCB. The names of Younis Khan, Mohsin Khan, Saleem Yousuf, and Shoaib Akhtar were among those speculated to take up roles that contribute to the development and success of Pakistan cricket.

The Federal Government’s Appointment

It is essential to mention that earlier this month, the federal government officially appointed Zaka Ashraf as the Chairman of the newly formed management committee. This move came following the circulation of a summary, granting the 10-member committee a four-month term to oversee the affairs of the PCB and make crucial decisions regarding the team’s future.


Mohammad Hafeez’s appointment as Pakistan’s new Chief Selector marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s cricketing landscape. With his vast experience, cricketing acumen, and commitment to the sport, Hafeez is poised to contribute significantly to the development of talented cricketers for the national team. His leadership in the selection process can play a vital role in shaping the future of Pakistan cricket.