Pakistan Ranks Above India in Latest Nuclear Security Index

Pakistan Ranks Above India

Pakistan Ranks Above India

The Nuclear Threat Initiative’s (NTI) Nuclear Security Index plays a vital role in evaluating and comparing countries’ capabilities in handling weapons-usable nuclear materials. In the most recent assessment, Pakistan has been placed above India, North Korea, and Iran, showcasing its relatively higher ranking. However, this ranking comes with concerns regarding the deteriorating global nuclear security situation. This article delves into Pakistan’s ranking, the concerns highlighted by the index, and the importance of addressing nuclear security on a global scale.

Pakistan’s Position and Ranking

According to the NTI’s Nuclear Security Index, Pakistan has secured the 19th position out of 22 states assessed. With a total score of 49, Pakistan surpasses India’s score of 40, Iran’s score of 29, and North Korea’s score of 18. This ranking signifies Pakistan’s comparative strength in handling weapons-usable nuclear materials.

Concerns over Global Nuclear Security

While Pakistan’s ranking appears relatively positive, the NTI’s Nuclear Security Index report reveals alarming trends in the global nuclear security landscape. It emphasizes the regression of nuclear security conditions in multiple countries possessing weapons-usable nuclear materials and facilities. This regression raises significant concerns and calls for urgent attention from the international community.

The report highlights that eight countries, including Pakistan, have been expanding their stocks of weapons-grade nuclear materials. Shockingly, some countries have even increased their stocks by thousands of kilograms per year. This expansion undermines the efforts made towards material minimization and elimination, thereby increasing the risk of theft and unauthorized acquisition of nuclear weapons material.

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Commitment to Confidence-Building and Information Sharing

The NTI’s index also draws attention to the fact that certain countries have reneged on their commitments to confidence-building and information sharing. These commitments were crucial drivers of progress during the Nuclear Security Summits. Failing to uphold these commitments weakens the collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing nuclear security and preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Current State of Affairs and Global Concern

It is essential to note that the NTI’s ranking and assessment are based on data and evaluations up until the year 2023. Therefore, they may not fully represent the current state of affairs. Nevertheless, the index serves as a reminder that nuclear security remains a critical global concern. The prevention of nuclear proliferation and the enhancement of overall global security continue to be of paramount importance.


The Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Nuclear Security Index has positioned Pakistan above India, North Korea, and Iran in terms of handling weapons-usable nuclear materials. This ranking reflects Pakistan’s comparative strength in this regard. However, the report accompanying the index raises concerns about the deteriorating global nuclear security situation. The expansion of weapons-grade nuclear material stocks and the failure to fulfill commitments to confidence-building and information sharing pose significant challenges. It is crucial for the international community to prioritize efforts aimed at strengthening nuclear security, preventing nuclear proliferation, and ensuring a safer world.