Pakistan Tekken 7 Team Wins $500,000 At Nations Cup, Defeating South Korea

Pakistan Tekken 7 Team

Pakistan Tekken 7 Team Wins $500,000

The world of gaming witnessed an extraordinary achievement on Sunday as the Pakistan Tekken 7 team emerged victorious over South Korea in the highly esteemed Tekken 7 Nations Cup held in Riyadh. With a score of 3-2, Pakistan secured a stunning triumph in this thrilling tournament that brought together 16 national teams from across the globe.

A Remarkable Event

Hosted by the Saudi Esports Federation at Boulevard Riyadh City, the Tekken 7 Nations Cup spanned four days, from July 6th to 9th. Gamers from around the world gathered to showcase their skills and compete for their share of an impressive $1 million prize pool. With over 50 Tekken characters to choose from, the tournament promised intense battles and fierce competition.

Pakistan’s Triumphant Team

Pakistan’s formidable team, composed of Arslan Siddique, also known as “Arslan Ash,” Imran Khan, and Atif Butt, proved their mettle and emerged as the champions of the Nations Cup. Their victory over South Korea in a thrilling 3-2 match sealed their place in gaming history. The triumphant trio proudly raised the trophy amidst resounding chants of “Pakistan” from the passionate crowd in attendance.

The Path to Victory

Before their showdown with South Korea, Pakistan displayed their exceptional skills throughout the tournament. They secured their spot in the finals by defeating the United Kingdom with a score of 2-1, showcasing their determination and talent. In the group stages, Pakistan demonstrated their prowess by triumphing over South Africa, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, solidifying their well-deserved place in the semifinals.


The victory of the Pakistan Tekken 7 team at the Nations Cup is a testament to the country’s growing prominence in the world of gaming. With their exceptional skills and unwavering determination, they have proven that Pakistan is a force to be reckoned with in competitive esports. The triumph over South Korea, a nation renowned for its gaming prowess, highlights the talent and potential of Pakistani gamers on the international stage.