Photographer Giorgia Hofer’s Moon Cycle in One Image

Moon Cycle in One Image

Moon Cycle in One Image

The mesmerizing artwork titled “Moon Cycle in One Image,” created by photographer Giorgia Hofer, has taken the internet by storm. This breathtaking composite image, which Hofer shared on Reddit, showcases the ever-changing phases of the moon over the majestic peaks of the Cridola Group in Italy. Through meticulous planning and dedicated efforts, Hofer has captured 28 shots of the moon throughout the year, culminating in this stunning composition.

Unveiling the Artistry: A Yearlong Endeavor

To accomplish this remarkable feat, Giorgia Hofer relied on her trusted Nikon D750 camera paired with a Sigma 120-400mm lens set at 400mm. This equipment allowed her to capture the intricate details of the moon’s phases with exceptional clarity. For the landscape elements of the photograph, Hofer utilized her Nikon D750 camera in combination with a Nikkor 20mm lens. She skillfully adjusted the exposure to 8 seconds, ISO 800, and aperture f/8, ensuring that the surrounding landscape complemented the celestial spectacle.

Creating this extraordinary image was no simple task. While one might assume it would take a month to capture the moon’s complete cycle, Hofer’s journey spanned nearly a year. The relentless pursuit of her vision was met with various challenges, primarily unfavorable weather conditions that often stood in her way. However, her unwavering dedication and passion for photography propelled her to overcome these obstacles, resulting in a masterpiece that astounds viewers worldwide.

A Tapestry of Lunar Phases

The composite image masterfully reveals the moon’s evolution through its various phases. As we gaze upon the artwork, we embark on a visual journey from left to right. The waning phases of the moon, captured in January, gracefully unfold on the left side of the composition. As we progress towards the right, the waxing phases from July to December come into view. This seamless transition from one phase to another flawlessly encapsulates the celestial ballet performed by the moon throughout the year.

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Analemma: A Celestial Phenomenon

The moon’s pattern in the sky, known as an Analemma, adds an intriguing dimension to Hofer’s artwork. This intricate design is a result of two fundamental factors: the Earth’s axial tilt and the slight eccentricity of our orbit around the sun. As the moon traverses its path across the sky, its changing position contributes to the mesmerizing shape we witness in the artwork. This celestial phenomenon further enhances the captivating narrative woven by Giorgia Hofer.

Celebrating Lunar Beauty and Celestial Phenomena

Giorgia Hofer’s “Moon Cycle in One Image” not only captures the inherent beauty of the moon’s ever-changing appearance but also draws attention to the captivating celestial phenomena that govern its presence in the night sky. Through her skillful composition and meticulous planning, she invites us to marvel at the harmonious interplay between nature and the cosmos. This artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the profound connection we share with the universe.


In the realm of photography, Giorgia Hofer’s “Moon Cycle in One Image” stands as a testament to the power of dedication and artistic vision. Through her yearlong endeavor, she has crafted a masterpiece that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of the moon’s phases. With each glance at this captivating artwork, we are reminded of the vastness and wonder of the cosmos. Giorgia Hofer’s extraordinary talent and unwavering passion have brought us closer to the celestial realm, offering a glimpse into the ever-changing dance of the moon.