PIA Announces Massive Discount for Pakistan’s Umrah Pilgrims

PIA Announces Massive Discount

PIA Announces Massive Discount on Umrah

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has recently announced a significant reduction in airfares for Umrah pilgrims. This commendable initiative by PIA aims to make the journey to the holy cities of Madinah and Jeddah more affordable, particularly for individuals traveling from Faisalabad. With the reduction in fares, PIA intends to facilitate a larger number of pilgrims in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah holds immense significance for Muslims around the world. It is a time of spiritual reflection and devotion. However, the cost of air travel often poses a significant financial burden on individuals undertaking this pilgrimage. Recognizing this, PIA has introduced a generous discount on airfares to alleviate the financial strain on Umrah pilgrims.

The Fare Reduction for Faisalabad-Madinah/Jeddah Route

Previously, the airfare for the Faisalabad-Madinah/Jeddah route stood at Rs112,000. However, PIA has decided to reduce this fare to Rs100,800. This reduction is a significant step towards making the journey more accessible and affordable for individuals from Faisalabad. Pilgrims can take advantage of this discounted rate until August 10.

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Round-Trip Fare Reduction for Flights to Madinah and Jeddah

In addition to the fare reduction for the Faisalabad-Madinah/Jeddah route, PIA has also decreased the round-trip fares for flights to Madinah and Jeddah. This adjustment in fares aims to ease the overall financial burden faced by individuals planning to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage. By reducing air travel expenses, PIA hopes to make the entire pilgrimage experience more feasible for pilgrims.

Encouraging a Larger Number of Pilgrims

With the introduction of these reduced fares, PIA intends to encourage a greater number of individuals to embark on the sacred journey of Umrah. By offering affordable travel options, PIA strengthens the connection between Pakistan and the holy cities of Madinah and Jeddah. This initiative aims to ensure that more pilgrims can fulfill their religious obligations, fostering a stronger spiritual bond between the two countries.


The decision by PIA to offer a substantial discount on airfares for Umrah pilgrims is a commendable step. By reducing travel expenses, PIA has made the pilgrimage more accessible and affordable for individuals from Faisalabad and other cities. This initiative is expected to empower a larger number of people to embark on the sacred journey and deepen their connection with the holy cities of Madinah and Jeddah.