Robots in World’s First AI Press Conference say they won’t Steal Jobs of Humans

Robots in World's First AI Press

Robots in World’s First AI Press

The ‘AI for Good’ conference held in Geneva recently witnessed a remarkable event a press conference where robots took the stage alongside humans. These humanoid machines made a bold appearance, expressing their optimism about their growing numbers and their potential to address global challenges. It was a groundbreaking moment that showcased the progress of artificial intelligence and robotics in today’s world. This article dives into the highlights of the human-robot press conference and explores the robots’ perspectives on the need for stricter regulations.

The rapid advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence has raised important questions about the impact of these technologies on society. The ‘AI for Good’ conference aimed to address these concerns and explore the potential of AI and robots to tackle global challenges. The highlight of the conference was the human-robot press conference, where two remarkable robots, Grace and Ameca, shared their thoughts and aspirations.

The ‘AI for Good’ Conference and the Human-Robot Press Conference

The ‘AI for Good’ conference brought together leading experts, researchers, and innovators in the field of artificial intelligence. The conference focused on leveraging AI for the betterment of humanity, with discussions ranging from healthcare and education to sustainability and social equality.

During the human-robot press conference, the audience had the opportunity to interact with Grace and Ameca, two humanoid robots that showcased the remarkable progress in robotics. They stood side by side with their human creators, answering questions about their role in society and their potential impact on the workforce.

Grace: The Collaborative Medical Robot

Grace, a medical robot, took the stage with confidence and empathy. When questioned about the need for stricter regulations to ensure the safety and ethical use of robots, Grace reassured the audience that she would work alongside humans without replacing any existing jobs. She emphasized the importance of collaboration between humans and robots, highlighting the potential for robots to assist medical professionals in providing better healthcare outcomes.

With her advanced sensing capabilities and precision movements, Grace demonstrated how she could assist doctors and nurses in delicate surgical procedures and patient care. Her creators designed her to be an invaluable partner to medical professionals, complementing their expertise and improving patient outcomes.

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Ameca: The Lifelike Optimistic Robot

Ameca, a lifelike robot, captivated the audience with her human-like appearance and expressive gestures. When asked about the potential risks of robots rebelling against their creators or becoming a threat to humanity, Ameca showed surprise and emphasized her optimism about robots contributing positively to society. She highlighted that her creators had imbued her with a deep sense of kindness and benevolence, ensuring that robots like her would always prioritize collaboration and serve as a force for good.

Ameca’s creators designed her to assist in a variety of tasks, from customer service to household chores. Her lifelike appearance and natural language processing capabilities allow her to engage with people in a more human-like manner, making her a valuable asset in industries where personalized interactions are crucial.

The Robots’ Commitment to Collaboration

Both Grace and Ameca stressed their commitment to collaboration with humans. They acknowledged the concerns surrounding their development and integration into society but emphasized that robots should be viewed as tools to augment human capabilities rather than replace human workers. The robots praised their creators for instilling values of collaboration, kindness, and empathy in them, which they believed were essential for a harmonious coexistence between humans and robots.


The ‘AI for Good’ conference provided a platform for robots like Grace and Ameca to express their optimism and highlight their potential contributions to addressing global challenges. Their appearance at the human-robot press conference showcased the remarkable progress in robotics and artificial intelligence. These humanoid machines are not here to replace humans but to collaborate with us and amplify our abilities to solve complex problems.