Samsung Unveils Over 40% Faster Memory for GPUs

Faster Memory for GPUs

40% Faster Memory for GPUs

Samsung, a global leader in technology, has recently unveiled its latest innovation in graphics RAM. With the introduction of GDDR7, Samsung aims to provide significantly faster and more power-saving options for GPUs. This next-generation graphics RAM boasts a data rate of 32 Gbps per pin and a total bandwidth of 1.5 Terabytes per second, marking a remarkable 40% increase in speed compared to its predecessor, GDDR6.

The Advancements of GDDR7

The key to the increased speed of GDDR7 lies in the integration of 3-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM3), a cutting-edge technology also used in USB4 and Thunderbolt 5. By utilizing PAM3, Samsung has successfully enhanced the data transmission capabilities of GDDR7. This advancement enables GPUs to process and render graphics at a much faster rate, resulting in improved performance and smoother user experiences.

Moreover, GDDR7 introduces greater energy efficiency, offering a 20% improvement over its predecessor, GDDR6. This means that graphics-intensive applications and devices utilizing GDDR7 will require less power, leading to longer battery life for portable devices such as laptops. Samsung has even developed a low-voltage version of GDDR7 specifically tailored for devices with stricter power constraints, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of settings.

Innovative Thermal Management

To address the heat dissipation challenges associated with high-performance graphics RAM, Samsung has made significant advancements in thermal management. The company has developed a novel epoxy molding compound (EMC) that surrounds the RAM chips in GDDR7 packages. This EMC is designed to have a 70% lower thermal resistance than the compound used in GDDR6, enabling faster and more efficient heat dissipation.

The improved thermal management is particularly advantageous for laptops and other devices where space and power restrictions necessitate effective heat control. With GDDR7, users can enjoy powerful graphics performance without compromising the overall system temperature or experiencing thermal throttling issues.

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Future Prospects

Samsung’s plans for GDDR7 involve distributing samples to its major clients later this year. This strategic move will enable these clients to initiate the development of GDDR7-based devices, paving the way for innovative graphics solutions. As a result, consumers can expect to witness the launch of the first GDDR7-based devices by the end of this year or early in 2024.

The introduction of GDDR7 is poised to revolutionize the graphics industry, offering unprecedented speed, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced thermal management. Whether it’s for gaming, virtual reality, or other graphics-intensive applications, GDDR7’s capabilities will undoubtedly elevate the overall performance and user experience of GPUs.


Samsung’s unveiling of GDDR7, with its 40% increase in speed and 20% improvement in energy efficiency, marks a significant milestone in the realm of graphics RAM. By incorporating 3-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM3) and innovative thermal management, Samsung has solidified its position as a leader in the technology industry. The future looks promising, with the imminent release of GDDR7-based devices expected to reshape the landscape of graphics processing.