Satellite images reveal secret Chinese military base and huge blimp

New Satellite Images Reveal Hidden Chinese Military Base and Massive Blimp

Satellite images reveal a secret military base in northwestern China, showcasing a 100ft-long blimp developed by the Chinese military. According to aerospace experts, these images could indicate a significant advancement in China’s airship program. The runway, pivot point to launch airships, and a 900ft-long hanger present at the base demonstrate China’s intent to explore and advance airship technology.

This new blimp could potentially be more versatile and maneuverable than previous airships, making it a valuable asset for the Chinese military. It could be used as a ‘submarine of the skies,’ as its propulsion and navigation capabilities could allow it to hover over an area for extended periods of time, making it an excellent tool for surveillance.

The Oklahoma Aerospace Institute’s executive director, Jamey Jacobs, believes that this blimp is a significant advancement in the Chinese engineering and support of research funding in that direction. Additionally, William Kim, a surveillance balloon specialist at The Marathon Initiative, believes that the blimp could be part of “some sort of testing.”

China has been exploring airship technology for years, including blimps, aerostats, and free-floating balloons. However, the appearance of the blimp on a secret military base marks a transition in Chinese blimp technology and research from being civilian to military-focused.

The fact that this blimp was visible via satellite imagery indicates that the Pentagon is aware of its existence and is tracking the object. However, the Defense Department official declined to comment on what threat the blimp may pose as part of China’s arsenal.

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Satellite images reveal that the Chinese airship program has been garnering significant attention due to the Chinese “spy balloon” that flew across the US in February, gathering intelligence from several American military sites before it was shot down. According to two senior US officials and a former senior administration official, the balloon passed over US nuclear missile sites, including the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The intel gathered was primarily from electronic signals rather than images. China previously claimed that the balloon was a civilian weather balloon that strayed off course. The foreign ministry condemned its shooting down as an ‘overreaction’.

Recent satellite images reveal that there may be bigger goals for the secret airship site and the Chinese airship program. Issues patents indicate that a unit has been created to oversee the technology, and the new unit holds several patents relating to airship technology and storage. The hanger, which was built-in 2013, was inactive for years until these satellite images were taken, showing the new blimp near the hangar.

The emergence of satellite images reveal showing China’s secret military base and its 100ft-long blimp is a significant development in China’s airship program. It is likely that China is exploring the potential of airship technology, particularly in military applications, and is making strides towards developing more advanced airships that are more versatile and maneuverable than those previously seen.

Report: CNN