Saudi Arabia Installs Automatic Perfume Sprayers in Madinah

Automatic Perfume Sprayers

Automatic Perfume Sprayers in Madinah

In an effort to enhance the experience of worshippers and visitors, authorities in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, have recently installed smart devices along the streets leading to the Prophet’s Mosque. These devices, set up by the Madinah Development Authority (MDA), are designed to automatically spray fragrance into the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere for pilgrims.

1. Introduction

The installation of automatic perfume sprayers in Madinah signifies the commitment of the local authorities to improve the surroundings of the holy site and ensure a more enjoyable experience for worshippers and visitors. These smart devices are strategically placed along the streets used by pilgrims on their way to the Prophet’s Mosque.

2. Creating a Comfortable Environment

The projects undertaken by the Madinah Development Authority (MDA) primarily aim to create a comfortable environment for the pilgrims and visitors. To achieve this, the MDA employs special materials and techniques. One such approach involves planting trees along the roads, providing shaded seating areas, and using a type of marble for sidewalks and pedestrian areas that remains cool even in high temperatures.

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3. Special Measures to Combat Heat

The scorching heat of Saudi Arabia can pose a challenge for worshippers and visitors. However, the MDA has implemented various measures to combat the heat and make the experience more bearable. Unauthorized vehicles are restricted from entering the area surrounding the mosque, ensuring a lower temperature. Additionally, special pathways have been created to facilitate easy movement from hotels to the courtyards of the Prophet’s Mosque.

4. Enhancing Worshipper Comfort

To further enhance the comfort of worshippers, the Madinah Development Authority has installed over 245 umbrellas in the northern, southern, and western courtyards of the mosque. These umbrellas are equipped with fans that spray a mist, effectively cooling down the area and protecting pilgrims from the intense heat of the sun.