Suzuki Cultus Latest Price May 2023 Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus 2023: Price, Features, and Everything You Need to Know!

Suzuki Motors is a Japanese automobile brand that has been producing reliable and fuel-efficient cars for decades. One of their popular models, it was first introduced in 1983 with different names around the globe. However, the car was discontinued globally in 2003. Despite being discontinued, the prices of Suzuki Cultus variants have increased over the years, which we will be discussing in this article.

2017 has been a massive success on the roads of Pakistan due to its high demand, leading to the production of this car. This model was launched in Pakistan in three variants, namely the Suzuki Cultus VXR, Suzuki Cultus VXL, and the Suzuki Auto Gear Shift. Let us take a closer look at the latest prices, engine specs, and design.


The Suzuki has a 998 cc three-cylinder petrol engine with auto and manual transmission-based on the variants. The engine generates 50 HP at 6000 RPM and a torque of 90 NM at 3500 RPM, making it suitable for everyday use.

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Suzuki Cultus can make up to 14 km/l in the City and up to 18 km/l on the highway, making it an excellent average according to the engine. With its fuel-efficient engine, the Cultus can help you save money on fuel expenses.


The interior is spacious and comfortable, despite being a hatchback car. It can fit five passengers simultaneously, and the seats are made up of high-quality black fabric, making it more comfortable for passengers. The car has a power steering wheel wrapped in urethane, which can be adjusted according to the driver’s comfort. Furthermore, the Suzuki Cultus has SRS front airbags, seat belts, and an auto brake locking system (ABS), ensuring the safety of the passengers.


Suzuki has an instrumental panel display distance to empty indication and a digital clock, which makes it easier for the driver to manage the car. The car also has warning lights, such as the belt reminder lamps, seatbelt, and low fuel warning, which ensure that the driver is aware of the car’s status. Additionally, the car has connectivity of Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connectivity, allowing the passengers to enjoy their favorite tunes while on the road.


2023 is a Mini hatchback car with sleek halogen multi-reflector headlights and angular chrome grills in the front, making it look stylish and modern. The tail lights on the rear are trapezium shape upswept lights, with a stop lamp on the spoiler, giving it a sporty and sleek look.

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Latest Prices

Now, let us talk about the latest prices of Cultus variants in Pakistan. The first variant is the Suzuki VXR, which has a 998 cc petrol engine with a manual transmission and comes with a price tag of 3,718,000 PKR. The second variant is the Suzuki Cultus VXL, which also has a 998 cc petrol engine with manual transmission, priced at 4,084,000 PKR. The third variant is the Cultus Auto Gear Shift, which also has a 998 cc petrol engine with an automatic transmission, with a price tag between PKR 43 lakhs to 44 lakhs.


In conclusion, Suzuki is a reliable and fuel-efficient car that has gained popularity in Pakistan due to its latest 2017 model. With its spacious interior, fuel-efficient engine, and modern exterior design, it is an excellent option for people looking for an affordable hatchback car. The prices of Suzuki Cultus variants have increased over the years, but it remains a popular choice among car enthusiasts due to its impressive features and design.

If you are in the market for a hatchback car that is both reliable and fuel-efficient, the Suzuki should definitely be on your list. With its affordable price tag and impressive specifications, it is a practical choice for daily use.