This Cute Little EV From Italy Comes With a Built-in Shower

EV From Italy

EV From Italy Comes With a Built-in Shower

In recent times, Fiat’s upcoming mini-electric vehicle (EV) has captured the attention of the online world with its unique and intriguing features. Fondly named ‘Topolino,’ this compact EV is set to compete with other models such as the Chery QQ EV, Wuling Mini EV, and Citroen Ami. Initially, it will only be available in Italy, priced at $10,739 (equivalent to Rs. 2.97 million).

A Quirky Beach Companion

One of the standout features of the Topolino is its 5.5 kWh battery, offering a modest range of 75 kilometers. While the range might not be groundbreaking, this charming EV compensates for it with a surprising inclusion: a built-in shower. Fiat, in collaboration with Stellantis, has designed this “little shower” specifically for those sunny days spent on the beautiful beaches along the Italian coast.

Unconventional Additions

Aside from the innovative shower feature, the Topolino boasts several other peculiar additions. USB fans come as standard, ensuring a refreshing breeze on hot summer days. Bluetooth speakers are also integrated into the vehicle, allowing occupants to enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising around. Warm water bottles are available to keep passengers cozy, and the beach towel seat cover adds a touch of comfort and style to the interior.

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Minimalistic Design

Stellantis has announced that the Topolino will be available in two styles: a closed version and an open version with rope doors. The vehicle itself will come in only one color, with a consistent interior and wheel design. This minimalist approach embraces simplicity, further emphasizing the Topolino’s unique character.

The Need for Speed

With a top speed of 45 km/h, the Topolino draws inspiration from the Citroen Ami, a similar-sized electric vehicle. Fiat promotes the Topolino as a ‘quadricycle,’ a term fitting for its limited performance capabilities. Consequently, the Fiat Topolino is likely to appeal primarily to a small niche of novelty product enthusiasts, particularly in Italy.


Fiat’s upcoming mini-electric vehicle, the Topolino, is generating significant interest due to its unusual features. From the built-in shower for beach lovers to the USB fans, Bluetooth speakers, warm water bottles, and beach towel seat cover, this EV offers a distinctive experience. Its minimalist design and limited performance position it as a novelty product that will captivate a specific audience. While the Topolino may not be for everyone, it undoubtedly adds a touch of fun and creativity to the growing world of electric mobility.