Twitter to Limit Number of Tweets Users Can Read Daily: Elon Musk

Twitter to Limit Number of Tweets

Twitter to Limit Number of Tweets

Elon Musk, the Executive Chair of Twitter, has recently made a significant announcement that the social media platform will be imposing limitations on the number of tweets users can read daily. The move aims to deter excessive data scraping and manipulation on the platform, which has been a growing concern in recent times. This article explores the reasons behind the decision, the specific limitations set for different types of accounts, and how these changes could impact Twitter’s user experience and revenue generation.

Concerns about Data Scraping and Manipulation

Elon Musk expressed his concerns about organizations and individuals aggressively scraping data from Twitter. Data scraping refers to the automated extraction of large amounts of information from websites, which can be exploited for various purposes, including misinformation, spamming, and data analysis. Such practices not only compromise user privacy but also contribute to the spread of fake news and other harmful content. By limiting the number of tweets users can read daily, Twitter aims to make it more difficult for data scrapers to extract vast quantities of information in a short period.

Updated Limitations for Users

Initially, verified accounts on Twitter were subject to a daily limit of 6,000 tweets, while unverified accounts were restricted to 600 tweets per day. However, in response to the increasing challenges posed by data scraping and manipulation, Twitter has updated these limitations to better protect its user base.

As of the latest update, verified users are allowed to read up to 10,000 tweets per day, while unverified users have a limit of 1,000 tweets per day. New unverified users are subject to a more restricted daily limit of 500 tweets. These changes aim to strike a balance between providing a good user experience for regular users and accommodating the needs of influential verified accounts.

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Impact on User Experience

The new limitations are likely to have both positive and negative effects on Twitter’s user experience. On one hand, limiting the number of tweets users can read daily could reduce the prevalence of spam and misinformation, leading to a cleaner and more enjoyable platform for users. Moreover, it may encourage users to be more selective in the content they consume and engage with, potentially fostering more meaningful interactions on the platform.

On the other hand, some users may find the restrictions limiting, especially those who heavily rely on Twitter for breaking news, real-time updates, and instant communication. This could lead to a slight decline in user engagement or a shift towards other platforms with fewer limitations.

Musk’s Disapproval of AI Firms Using Twitter Data

Elon Musk’s concern about data scraping extends beyond just Twitter users. He has previously voiced his dissatisfaction with AI firms, including OpenAI, for utilizing Twitter data to train their language models. Musk believes that the unregulated use of user data by AI firms could have unintended consequences and potentially threaten user privacy.

By imposing these limitations, Musk aims to take a proactive approach in protecting user data and ensuring that AI firms are not able to exploit Twitter’s vast repository of information for their own gain.

Twitter’s Recent Outage and Recovery Measures

Twitter recently experienced a significant outage that affected thousands of users. Around 11:17 AM ET on Saturday morning, approximately 7,500 individuals reported issues accessing the app. The outage raised concerns among users and advertisers alike, as it hindered their ability to interact with the platform.

In response to the outage and to regain the trust of advertisers who had left the platform during Musk’s ownership, Twitter has taken various measures to enhance its services and revenue generation. One such initiative is the introduction of verification checkmarks as part of the Twitter Blue subscription service. This move aims to provide users with additional features and benefits while also generating revenue through subscription fees.

Twitter continues to actively work on improving its infrastructure and addressing any technical issues to ensure a stable and reliable platform for its users.


Twitter’s decision to limit the number of tweets users can read daily, as announced by Elon Musk, reflects the platform’s commitment to addressing concerns related to data scraping and manipulation. By imposing these limitations, Twitter aims to create a safer and more secure environment for its users. While these changes may have some impact on user experience, they are crucial steps towards combating spam, misinformation, and potential privacy breaches. Additionally, Twitter’s efforts to recover from recent outages and introduce new features demonstrate the platform’s commitment to enhancing its services and regaining user trust.